We wanted to use our hands, to be artisans; we felt the need to shape a living material but even before we wished to be those producing it. We wished to live according to natural rhythms, accepting the quiet wintry melancholy and then enjoying the spring outburst.

Il Palagione is an historic farmstead dating back to 1594, set along the scenic road connecting San Gimignano to Volterra. The old farmhouse, placed on a hilltop, is recorded at the Land registry as building of notable historical value due to the unaltered features of rural architecture and up to mid-twentieth century held the farmer families working on surrounding terrains. Chasing a dream, we decide to purchase (1995) the estate in order to reestablish such important agricultural reality.
In short time, the ancient farmhouse is restructured and vineyards are replanted on terrains that once were vines. (1997/2001) Afterwards a cellar is built (2001) provided with the most modern equipment to grapes delicate and respectful processing, building underground a barrique (oak barrel) to obtain the best and natural wine preservation in oak wood and a balanced bottled maturing. With the later acquisition (2014) of vineyard at Montagnana, the business reaches an approx. 50-hectare land surface of which 20 destined to specialized vineyard, 3 olive trees, 7 walnut and the remaining part arable and wood land.

We wanted to replicate archaic gestures for pleasure to feel moving, to be, to think, like pruning: you clip while looking for the coming production, you collect wood and leave it to dry for few seasons and then burn it, cooking on it and heating the old farmhouse.
We yearned to be uncomfortable, physically tired but intellectually happy, focused on a project not aimed to reach one’s choice result in the immediate future but shifted forward according to rhythms of nature.
We wanted to give our children the chance of an unconditional, undemanding choice, a conscious choice; the industrial and service world was already familiar, now it was time to show another face.
And loving since forever wine, medieval history and Romanic art, we could not have chosen a better place than Tuscany.

Monica, wife, mother, grandmother, the one who made this dream possible – Giorgio, the cellar man – Giulia, the midwife – Gregorio, the enologist – Gabrio, the agro technician – Ginevra, the future


Il Palagione is an historic farmstead dating back to 1594, set along the scenic road connecting San Gimignano to Volterra.
The peculiar high position of the structure, set among old vineyards and olive groves, offers to the tourist an appealing overlook on the surrounding valley, including a view of San Gimignano.

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The family-run business and the strictly organic production of Tuscan Excellencies like Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti dei Colli Senesi as well as the extra virgin olive oil are our most authentic business card.


In the ancient barn, the guided tasting of our products will plunge you into a world of fragrances and flavors of a bygone time, proudly related to tradition and Tuscan territory.

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