Each vineyard is…… has a name and, carrying different characteristics in vine, orientation and soil nature, it is essential that the harvest grapes are separately processed to achieve what we believe to be the best expression of terrain for that year.
Harvest is severely hand-made, after an accurate ripeness study through analysis and repeated samples. Carrying it to the cellar at the most appropriate time represents the first and fundamental step to lead spontaneous fermentations aimed at best enhance our wines characteristics and typicality.
White grapes after a short maceration on skins are delicately pressed; the obtained musts ferment at a controlled temperature, never higher than 16 C°, and then are refined on noble lees with weekly bâtonnage (lees stirring).
Red grapes are processed in temperature-controlled (28-30°) tanks through repeated pumping-over and delestage (emptying) in fermentation first phases and then decrease when racking approaches, normally between 15 and 30 days.
The following maturation, both in wood and bottle, takes place in the underground cellar at natural temperature and humidity.




Italian extra-virgin olive oil obtained from cultivars: frantoio, moraiolo, leccino and pendolino.
Olives are hand-picked from mid-October and rapidly cold-pressed after defoliation and washing.
It is a compound oil, rich of those flavors recalling green olive, artichoke, thistle and an officinal note of freshly picked aromatic herbs.
The taste starts balancing slightly sweet, and then favors a faintly hot harmonic end, integrated by a lightweight bitter note, making it the ideal match for any food.
A truly versatile oil, it is excellent for raw vegetable dressing, bruschette (grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper) , soups or potages and finally accompanying red meats.


Our marcs of Vernaccia grape are delivered for manufacturing purposes to the distillery whose refinement is made according to our recipe.
Removal of head and tail for a mainly part of the distillate allows us to maintain vine typical flowery and fruity aromas.
In appearance is crystal clear, on the nose fragrances result distinct, intense and elegant, to the taste is so balanced and round that mitigates the strong (43°) alcoholic presence.