It represents the other excellence of company production.
The analysis of this pure-bred wine has started in 2004 and only after reassuring examples of longevity and freshness we decided to commercialize it since the 2013 harvest.
It is for sure a modern wine, in line with the actual and cosmopolite gastronomic demands, capable of combining indubitable qualities of finesse, elegance and smoothness to sensations of endless freshness and drinking pleasure such as to revise historic white tradition of this territory wisely reshaping modern wine production geography.

Bunches of grape, after an accurate selection, undergo a delicate crushing-destemming, to which follows an alcoholic fermentation at approx. 28/30° with frequent and delicate pump-over and after that a maceration on lees for approx. 20/30 days in small stainless tanks, wide and low so as to foster more contact liquid/lees and consequent better extraction both of tannins and coloring matter.
After racking, wine is set in French oak barriques to conclude the alcoholic fermentation to which would immediately follow the malolactic fermentation.

Wine rests for at least 24 months in wood cases and later without any stabilization and filtration process is bottled to rest for approx. 12 months in bottles before selling.

Serve at 16/18°C in red-wine good structure glasses ensuring oxygenation.